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    - hard copy of the home compass workbook - lifetime access to all the home compass online videos, including all healing protocols - home compass toolkit, including all 10 tapping crystals and all 10 mini-vials of the home compass essential oil blends - 10-week Coaching Calls, held weekly on Zoom

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    We offer this bundle because we have found that this combination supports you in achieving the best results! The weekly zoom coaching class provides structure and accountability in a fun, supportive group setting. This keeps one moving forward! It is also helpful to have a live forum to ask questions or get help when stuck. The Coaching calls provide you with a community of love and support! And having lifetime access to the online videos enables you to go back and watch the videos whenever you want to or need a refresher!

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    Summer 2021 Coaching Calls (July - October) --- Fall 2021 Coaching Calls (October - December)

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    Tuesday Mornings (8 am PST, 9 am MST, 10 am CST, 11 am EST) and Thursday Evenings (6 pm PST, 7 pm MST, 8 pm CST, 9 pm EST)



Kathy Watts

I have never been someone who instinctively knew how to decorate and create harmony in a home. For most of my life, I have been tweaking and playing with a system that would allow me to know: Where to put what colors and why - why is it that sometimes a color looks great in one space but falls flat in another? Where to put my favorite momentos - why do they resonate better in one section vs. another? In addition to that, I moved around a lot - every 3-5 years for more than 20 years. And when I lived in all these various homes, the feelings would be different, with the same decorations and stuff, but a distinctively different atmosphere. Either they would feel more peaceful, or they would feel super heavy and even sometimes very chaotic. And I would ask why? Why would my stuff and furniture look great in one home but not so good in the next one? So then I began to experiment—a tweak here and modification here. I merged, modified, and simplified a couple of different systems. It was so fun! I studied the best of various modalities: Bagua grid and the five-element cycle of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. What emerged was the home compass grid! And once I had this system in place in my home, others began to ask me about the calm, peaceful feeling in my house. Many felt this and wanted to know more. Soon I was setting up my friends and family's home and writing the home compass workbook (now on its 5th edition!) Since 2018, I have taught and developed this course. We discovered the emotions of each of the sections! We added essential oils, crystals and stones, and tapping protocols to release emotions and clear the space. These protocols grant the incredible ability to acknowledge and honor your feelings, release them safely, and, most importantly, intentionally script your inner dialogue with positive energy. Your home becomes a safe place to feel all your feels! And by balancing the elements throughout the home using the five-element cycle, you will create flow. The energy, emotions, and feelings flow and move through the space, keeping the energy in the home fresh, light, and bright. This I know because when challenges happened to us, when we moved from dear friends, lost jobs, children moving out, and so on, because of the energy flowing through our home, we could process and pivot with all the changes. I want all this for you and your family. Home Compass will change your life!

What some of our Friends are saying:

You really are deserving of a beautiful home!

Melonie Judy

I SO LOVED your Home Compass Class!!!! You have inspired me in many, many ways. I loved the first day when you had us tap on being deserving of a beautiful home. The thought had never occurred to me. A beautiful home is something that I desired and that I didn’t realize I didn’t feel deserving. Each week was a new awareness for personal growth that has blessed my family and me. Thank you for being you so authentically. Thank you for being willing to create such a fun class. Thank you! I sincerely Loved everything about it. Each Sunday, I have gone back through each section to dig a little bit deeper and create and open more. I am grateful to have the chance to get to know you and learn how to make my home a happier and healthier space. I am thankful to you for your beautiful example.

Miracles have happened!

by Tammy Anderson Ward

"HECK YES! Miracles have happened since adjusting the energy in my house with Kathy. I am not even freaking kidding, either. I am more of a pink & blue girl... (not necessarily red) and baby, oh baby... we put red in my fire area, and the energy lit up in this home between my hubby and me. Another thing that happened, I got closure for an experience that occurred over two years ago .... within an hour! This was surprising to me, and I'm well acquainted with a lot of energy, and it blew my mind. Kathy is patient, comes at it from different angles, and has lots of fun, practical ideas. GO FOR THIS! It's worth it!"